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Ashlee Noonan, Fitness Instructor

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Ashlee Noonan

Degrees/ Qualifications:

Cert 3 and IV in Fitness
Reformer Pilates
Mat Pilates
350 hr Yoga Teacher Training
70 hr Yin Yoga Specialisation
Yoga for Mental Health Foundations
ASCA Level 1

Why you entered our industry/What is your why?: So many reasons! I know firsthand that without your health, life can be really challenging. The world of health and fitness has transformed my life in more ways than I can count! The mental and physical hurdles I’ve overcome and the tools and knowledge I’ve gained in the process have really fuelled my desire to use these experiences to support others. I know what it’s like to struggle and also how good it feels to start thriving and to overcome obstacles! Getting to support others through their challenges and witness their transformations is my happy place. I honestly believe that changing the world begins with loving and caring for yourself, inside and out! I feel so blessed to help empower others with the knowledge and support to create and maintain a body that functions optimally, and a mindset that is strong! I fell in love with how in challenging times, training could be my ‘ me time’ to focus on myself, reduce my stress and boost my endorphins and give me a sense of growth and progression. I also love how your training zone can be a lab where you can practice developing skills of mindfulness, power, strength, self-compassion and resilience. Or how it can be somewhere to go and connect with like-minded people for a laugh and some camaraderie! There’s nothing better than watching someone unleash more of their own greatness, transcend self-imposed limitations, and feel their hard work and commitment pay off.

Hobbies: Fitness, yoga/Pilates, time in nature/outdoors, aromatherapy and anything natural wellness related.

Last meal: Protein oats with macadamia nut butter, maple syrup, frozen raspberries, hemp seeds and some melted dark chocolate

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