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  • Gym Anxiety

    Gym Anxiety

    I'll never forget those first awkward moments walking into the gym for the first time. Petrified people would be looking at me, judging me based on my body and apparent lack of condition. If anxiety is defined as a fear of what's to come, I was precisely that, not excited about the unknown, deeply fearing it! Then I walked in, wandered around, found the quiet corner of the gym, you know the one where it's you and all the dust with some rusted equipment. Avoiding all eye contact, I 'got to work' (as much as a short, overwhelmed, overweight kid can). I did whatever exercise I could think of with the available equipment. After a very uncomfortable 27 minutes, I had done 5 sets of 20 ....

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  • Cholesterol, What is it and why do I have to worry about it?

    Cholesterol is a fatty substance found in the blood and in the cells in your body. Its primary function in the body is hormone production, and it helps with digestion. Interestingly though, we don’t need to consume it as the liver can make enough for what the body needs. We concern ourselves so much because an Australian dies every 12 minutes from heart disease and cholesterol levels are a leading risk factor for heart disease. The way I think of it is a bit like a family that lived down the road when I grew up, the Hubbards. The Hubbards had 2 twin boys, Harry and Lenny, around my age. Harry was a delightful kid, polite, always happy to help and never did any harm. On ....

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  • 3 things you did well today challenge

    One of the challenges we all face is the human tendency for negative bias. My life has improved significantly since taking this challenge and not taking myself too seriously, to post a picture like that as a 'professional' ouch, as if! But you're not reading this because you want perfect, you're reading this to hopefully access a different part of yourself you aren't currently and here is a little tool to do it. The image of the 'bully' style PT, yelling, cursing and shaming people through a workout is one we do our best to change in our environment; the reality is most of us are good enough at doing that to ourselves. It makes the session far less enjoyable. Rather than excitedly ....

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  • Personal Training Nundah

    Personal Training Nundah

    So what is Personal Training? Well, it's personal, really. It usually involves some exercise, some goals and a relationship built on trust and clarity NOT shaming and bullying! Rather than rabbit on about all we have learnt in the last 11 years, I would like to introduce you to one of our heroes! Meet Nicole Supermum Simpson After having Alfie (now 2) Nicole was experiencing significant SIJ (sacroiliac joint) instability. Liaising with her team of health professionals we found a way and now, nothing can stop her (well Alfie can but that's a story for another day). Here is Nicole is action. This is what Nicole had to say: "Your Fit truly is one of a kind, much like ....

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  • Protein - what you need to know!

    Protein - what you need to know!

    Never has a macronutrient been so popular; from bodybuilders to weight loss fanatics and everyone in between, protein is on everyone's mind. Often its the first question people ask when they discover I'm a Dietitian. What Protein powder do you use? If I can try and keep it a little more simple for you, explaining what protein does in the body, why we need it, and how it's best consumed. Firstly, protein is essential to human life, along with carbohydrate and fat. We ingest protein by eating other animal tissue such as beef, chicken or fish, but we can also obtain it in smaller amounts via plant-based sources such as chickpeas and red kidney beans. Its role in the body is integral to ....

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  • For anyone that struggles with emotional eating

    Access or Ability? When we are attempting change, seeking improvement and wanting to be better, there is a tendency to review everything in the here and now. We are all guilty of it, "I'm just not good enough" in the context of that moment; you may be right. The reality is that many of us fall short of our lofty expectations, and creating the space to deal with that high expectation and the perceived loss is a valuable skill. One of the questions I often pose in this conversation is: do you think you don't have the ability, or is it more a question of access to that ability at this point? Now I'm not talking about me at my height becoming an NBA player; I'm talking about real ....

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  • Carbohydrate periodisation?!? What the heck???

    Instead of thinking about low-carb high-fat as a lifestyle and wholehearted change, what if we looked at your week and planned out your carbohydrate intake to complement your activity. Rather than a low carb life, what if we had lower carb meals and then higher carb meals to fuel the activity to come. We are shifting our thinking. Rather than a retrospective, reactive way of eating, we move to a proactive, 'fuelling for the work to come' approach. That isn't to say recovery from the activity isn't a part of our thinking; it just isn't the only thought. In practice, this might mean the 45-minute High-Intensity session planned for the afternoon requires a lunch that contains carbohydrates ....

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  • Low Carb for improved performance? Maybe think again

    Over the last decade, the lower-carb movement has gathered some momentum. I will attempt to cut through many of the promises and tell you what we have learnt from recent studies into this space. When we use fat as our primary fuel source, we can only achieve a certain intensity. That intensity isn't anywhere near our potential. When we want to push toward that potential, we cross over into an intensity zone that requires carbohydrate as the fuel source. In an oversimplified version of events, fat requires more oxygen to break it down; carbohydrate requires less. We can operate closer to the maximum intensity/ capacity of the lungs when utilising carbohydrate as our fuel source. From park ....

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  • Can you talk and run at the same time.... then slow down!

    Hi there, please excuse the geek in me coming out in this one but your body really is amazing and the way it works it truly fascinating. There are 3 energy systems that allow us to exercise. The first 2 are known as anaerobic systems and operate in the early phases of high-intensity exercise from the body's own stores of energy within the muscle. The 3rd system is known as the aerobic system and operates via a pathway involving oxygen, this means the intensity of the exercise must reduce in order to allow oxygen to the muscle requiring us to breath as we exercise. There are 2 key points in the measurement of the energy systems use, the first lactate or ventilatory threshold and the ....

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  • 3 ways to recover from a run

    It's that window of time immediately post-run and you're too sweaty to go inside, too hot to do much else other than taking a walk and calm your heart rate down but is that the best thing you could be doing with that time? Here are 3 ways to recover from that run so that you're in tip-top shape for the next time: 1. Foam roll myofascial release is the fancy term but ensuring you roll along with the tissue on either side of the ITB, is nifty trick to giving your knees the best chance of not pulling up too sore. Check out this link for a 'how to' 2. Stretch When we run, our muscles contract, extending and shortening, by stretching out we just give the muscles a chance to fully ....

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