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  • I'm Sean Cornish and this is my why

    I'm Sean Cornish and this is my why

    I'm Sean Cornish and this is my why... I used to clap. I was so overweight as a kid I would jump, and when I landed, the fat on my chest would come down shortly after and clap against the rest of my body. Fact is, I've always loved food. I wanted to be a chef as a child and watched anything to do with cooking on TV. In the Cornish family, we'd gather and appreciate the food served, and I always loved that I was a good eater as a kid. Then the teen years arrived, and with hormones taking over, I quickly wanted change. When you're in a larger body, you imagine that in a thinner frame, life must be magically perfect. Everything that you see wrong in your life you view through a lens of ....

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  • You don't know how good you can be!

    You don't know how good you can be!

    You don't know how good you can be! We are quick to rule things out or evaluate based on a half baked first attempt declaring I'm not a (insert judgement here). good parent, good partner, good at tech stuff, musician, public speaker, You name it, we conclude it, and all that does is shut the door on a possibility that may be available to you on the other side of some self-compassion. You read all the books, Brene's daring greatly, Dweck's growth mindset even try some Ant Middleton 'first man in' but yet at that first attempt you cut yourself off at the knees. One of my first mentors I sought out after hearing him lecture, in the middle of his 40 minutes, posing the question: 'imagine a ....

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  • Workout sessions

    Workout sessions

    What a minefield! Where do you start? HIIT? Resistance? Flexibility? Strength and conditioning? Running? Swimming? Core work? Boxing? Pilates? Weights? Callisthenics? the list goes on... Over the lockdown period, we've put together over 60 free 20-30 minute sessions from core exercises, stretching, pilates, boxing, resistance training it's all there. It doesn't replace a personal trainer but is a great sample of what you could achieve with 2 arms, 2 legs and very minimal equipment. For ladies concerned about their pelvic floor, if you type in pelvic floor safe into the search bar there are a number of pelvic floor safe sessions available. Ultimately it's about getting started, so much ....

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  • One on One Training

    One on One Training

    One on one training Personal Training, PT, my trainer, coach, health coach, whatever you call it, we all need someone in our corner, and the truth is we're worth it. So what is personal training - well, it's you and a coach working together. Guiding you through a program, progressing, monitoring and adjusting to ensure your health and fitness is moving in a positive direction. Empathy, understanding, and compassion are essential as the profession has moved from the drill sergeant with a whistle to a genuine coach in your corner. The interesting thing about health is it's always there, good, bad or indifferent. Regardless of whether you're recovering from a heart attack, a lifelong smoker ....

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  • Pelvic Floor Safe Exercise

    Pelvic Floor Safe Exercise

    Pelvic Floor Safe Exercise What is it, and why are we talking about it? I first came across this when doing some professional development in my 20's. To that point in my career, I had never heard of it. Core strength and the six-pack are promoted as the pinnacle of fitness. However, the pelvic floor is the group of muscles that underpins all of that. Best explained as a sling that sits at the bottom of the pelvis. You can imagine the pressure put through there at the full depth of your squat or when box jumping or skipping. The reason it's not spoken about is that it's awkward! Who wants to talk about needing to go to the toilet 16 times a day or the labels like LBL; Light ....

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  • weight loss

    weight loss

    Weight loss, weight management, calorie control, fad dieting, battle of the bulge, fat loss, body composition management, and fat manipulation; whatever your bent or take, I propose a new approach. Rather than manipulating the deficit, why don't we fuel the lifestyle? Increase the quality of your intake, increase the quality of your output and increase the quality of your life. The health and fitness space now is littered with throw away one-liners, all targetting the pain pathways to the brain because if you're in pain, you purchase. It's meant the marketing messages, comparison campaigns and fake flash sales dominate the news feeds of the decision-maker interested in improving their ....

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  • Group Fitness Training

    Group Fitness Training

    The Your Fit take on Group Training. Ever walked into a space and felt isolated and alone despite being surrounded by people. What about when we're so self-conscious that we convince ourselves everyone is watching our every move? The reality for the average jo entering the fitness industry is precisely that. You've heard it all "everyone's got to start somewhere", "it's ok, I remember my first session"; then it comes the ultimate, the condescending pat on the back... or half-hearted high five. Meanwhile, I can't raise my arm high enough to 5 back because I've done more pushups in the last 10 minutes than I have in 10 years?!??!!? The group fitness space isn't for the faint of heart; I have ....

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  • Personal Training Brisbane Northside

    Hi there, If you have ever thought about Personal Training as a profession, typed into google: Personal Training Brisbane Northside Personal Training near me Personal Trainer Nundah Group training near me To see what's out there; well, we may have an opportunity for you: We are a fast-growing Personal Training Studio in Nundah and are seeking an Energetic and Experienced trainer to join our team!! We specialise in Nutrition and Exercise and are all about finding the right program for our clients and their individual goals. Our staff are experts in Pre/Post Natal training, weight management, group training, strength & conditioning, pilates, HIIT and ....

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  • Gym Anxiety

    Gym Anxiety

    I'll never forget those first awkward moments walking into the gym for the first time. Petrified people would be looking at me, judging me based on my body and apparent lack of condition. If anxiety is defined as a fear of what's to come, I was precisely that, not excited about the unknown, deeply fearing it! Then I walked in, wandered around, found the quiet corner of the gym, you know the one where it's you and all the dust with some rusted equipment. Avoiding all eye contact, I 'got to work' (as much as a short, overwhelmed, overweight kid can). I did whatever exercise I could think of with the available equipment. After a very uncomfortable 27 minutes, I had done 5 sets of 20 ....

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  • Cholesterol, What is it and why do I have to worry about it?

    Cholesterol is a fatty substance found in the blood and in the cells in your body. Its primary function in the body is hormone production, and it helps with digestion. Interestingly though, we don’t need to consume it as the liver can make enough for what the body needs. We concern ourselves so much because an Australian dies every 12 minutes from heart disease and cholesterol levels are a leading risk factor for heart disease. The way I think of it is a bit like a family that lived down the road when I grew up, the Hubbards. The Hubbards had 2 twin boys, Harry and Lenny, around my age. Harry was a delightful kid, polite, always happy to help and never did any harm. On ....

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