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  • Personal Training near me.. 5 Best Things About Being a Personal Trainer in Nundah & Northgate

    Personal Training near me.. 5 Best Things About Being a Personal Trainer in Nundah & Northgate

    5. THE LOCATION We are so blessed, 9km from the CBD, we have access to just about everything we need from fresh food to parklands and runnings paths. We are in the perfect spot to change your life for the better. 4. THE KEDRON BROOK This one deserves a special mention, running along it most days, you can get your fix of nature and inspiration with so many of us out there trying our best. 3. THE WEATHER how lucky are we, the sun is up before 5am for a large part of the year and gives us ample opportunity to get out and about each day. I know we get a few hot months but that's something we have the right plan in place. 2. THE PROCESS Often in our goal setting discussions I ....

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  • Non-Hungry Eating

    Non-Hungry Eating

    The nutrition landscape has become a series of landmines, rabbit holes, and confusing anecdotes from the ‘study of one’ gurus. “I have a 6 pack follow me. It’s simple just eat on your left foot, while sipping a grapefruit through a straw and ensure you’ve done 3000 pull ups and 2300 sit ups but only after sleeping in 2 hour periods to maximise your ketoacidosis” ​WTF???? A lot of my work at the individual level is challenging a lot of those food rules. Food rules that we have just accepted as gospel based on not much truth at all. Those silly things when said out loud don’t make any sense but yet are the basis of constant thought and torturous ....

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  • Caffeine


    Is the daily dose of coffee doing us harm or good? Well, it’s one worth exploring, but like most things in nutrition, it comes down to quantity, timing and how your body responds. How does it works? The way I think of it is like a blanket. The caffeine interacts with a receptor in our brain that recognises a by-product of energy production and usually that leaves us fatigued to reduce our effort and conserve energy for survival. We don’t feel that fatigue though as it blocks the receptor, so it’s heightened alertness and improved performance and no downside, right? Like when your partner pinches the blanket at night and you’re suddenly shivering, wishing for that ....

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  • A Feeling of Overwhelm

    A Feeling of Overwhelm

    Everyone is adjusting to life as best they can and with restrictions all over the place dependent on your state, to say that this adjustment has been challenging is an understatement. The heart foundation recently surveyed Australians and found that 54% are eating more than we were before and are unhappy with the state of their bodies. It is surprising though? Not only did we take away a lot of the liberties that allow people to thrive under pressure, we added more pressure: no to gyms and social occasions and yes to home schooling and home offices and without any separation of spaces it’s been messy. Those who have maintained employment felt this insane obligation to work harder ....

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  • Nutrition for the Professional

    Nutrition for the Professional

    When we think about what you’re attempting to achieve, let’s not underestimate the challenges at play. From social media feeds to YouTube to your inbox and now we have added your pantry and fridge to those purpose built distractions from your workload. The promise of instant gratification with one mouthful of that sweet biscuit or the escape from the overwhelming task with that packet of salty peanuts. No longer do vending machines and water coolers provide us with that escape, we’re now in our own home just metres away without any perceived restriction, so how are those that are winning doing it? What’s working and what isn’t? Professionalism starts behind ....

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  • What's Your Persistence Pace?

    What's Your Persistence Pace?

    The pace of life has swelled to a fever pitch and between work and family commitments its almost like you have no time for yourself in that 168 hour week. We are always striving for just one more percent or to get more efficient to then add more to that TO DO list. Then the sense of guilt hits us that ‘we should do something for ourselves’. The research starts on ‘what to do’. This is a marketer’s dream with the promises of the life you want, along with a free set of steak knives at the end of the next ‘big thing’. How about we just pause for a minute before signing up for those steak knives and the life changing gizmo and agree that the likelihood ....

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  • Nutrition Essentials for Mum Life

    Nutrition Essentials for Mum Life

    There are never enough hours in the day, you never get to the bottom of the to do list. The thought of making anytime for you exhausts you and before you blink the weeks start all over again! Lets not heap more guilt, food rules and shame to the list. Lets look at the energy you’re already expending and make the most of that. I don’t need you to put yourself before all the kids or your partner but I need you to get a seat at the priority table and your health in 3 months, 12 months, 5 years will be grateful you have! Cooking more when you’re already cooking. This seems like a simple one, but the amount of mums I speak with that will prepare food for the kids' lunches ....

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  • Food Addiction

    Food Addiction

    It was a Tuesday afternoon, and I got the phone call from a close mate. His car is getting repossessed if he didn’t have the money for a repayment in his account by this afternoon. Having started a new job he was to be paid Thursday. This guy was a good guy, very successful, the car was an Audi, and I knew how proud a person he was so I transferred the money in good faith once his pay hit as late as Thursday evening he would repay the funds. That was over a decade ago and we have still never been paid back. That close mate that I thought highly of was a gambling addict. Unfortunately, I didn’t know. He had persuaded money out of our entire social circle in secret. None of us ....

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  • Future Health Trends, Current Thoughts and Optimistic Observations

    Future Health Trends, Current Thoughts and Optimistic Observations

    Future Predictions We haven’t even begun to understand the power of fibre and its role in our health. labelled as roughage and used more as a satiety tool in most diets at the moment, it is a lot more powerful than we think. The microbiome exists in our gut and feed off the constituents of food. We see greater health outcomes with a more diverse microbiome. We are not at a point of cause and effect on what and how but the gut is ever changing and evolving. Initial research suggests everything is on the table, mental health, mood, bowel cancer risk, IBS indicators and a whole heap more. My tip is that including fibre in the diet in its various forms (resistant starch, insoluble and ....

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  • The Choice Point

    The Choice Point

    It’s that time of day when your boss is pressing for some deadline that you just can’t meet or your unwinding for the evening with something fried and salty on the couch before bed. Whatever the time, whatever the reason, there is probably a time of day that you find more difficult to keep the ship sailing in your chosen direction. The science of habit characterises the process by cue, routine, reward. I know for years I battled a finger biting habit, after working a stressful management role that required a 3 hours commute daily, the cue was: starting the engine. The thoughts about work would flood my brain and before I know it, I was chewing my fingernails. One of the most ....

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