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  • Intuitive Eating

    It's 7:00 pm, you're famished, and you have eaten nothing all day. A couple of coffees and a croissant for breakfast at 10 am, but you haven't stopped since. You got cut off and nearly had an accident on the drive home. When you walk in, your kids barely raise an eyelid, and you are officially hangry! You've been so busy throughout the day the signs of hunger weren't recognisable, and now it's dinner time. The following 30 minutes is a blur as your body finally receives the nourishment it needs, but once you start, you can't stop after the 3rd helping of your partner's cooking, and the TV goes to an ad break; you take a breath and reset. The guilt sinks in. Oh man, what a day. You've ....

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  • How are you sleeping?

    Sleep Hygiene It's 10:30 pm, you've just finished the latest Netflix episode, and another is starting in 4 seconds, you quickly do the maths, and it means you'll get into bed at 11:15 pm; it's begun, and it's good, never mind I'll be fine. I remember reading an article in a business journal a few years back revealing some of Netflix's inner sanctum secrets. The biggest competitor they see is (insert drum roll here, please) YOUR SLEEP! When was the last time you asked someone how they were going, and they didn't reply "tired" or "busy"? Our precious attention is wrestled from us, and whether it's an escape from the intensity of what's in front of us or a genuine switch-off, ....

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  • Gym Culture, Fad diets and Modern Masculinity

    I was recently approached by a colleague to answer the following questions for a journalist looking into teen male trends in dieting and exercise. I thought I would share my thoughts with you. Just a note as a side to the work I do in the fitness space I also work as a consultant dietitian in the Eating Disorder space. While I don't claim to have all the answers to every question, a lot of the following is both experience and evidence-based. Hope it helps: What would the ideal diet be for teenage boys/young men (ages 14-24)? With such a broad age bracket, providing a specific 'ideal' is challenging. However, perhaps an appropriate way to answer might be to provide some points that are ....

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  • Where to Start in 2023?!?

    Welcome to 2023; if you're struggling to make a start on those new years resolutions and wondering why perhaps this might help. One of the things that we focus on internally is to start with frequency before adding intensity! Just work on becoming the person that shows up for YOURSELF. Novel concept, I know, but YOU matter, and so does your health. Fitness is the perfect space to vote with your feet and prioritise your health. Imagine just for a second what life would look like at the end of 2023 if you could exercise 5 times weekly! Over the last couple of years, we've seen a shift in people engaging in exercise for emotional and mental health benefits. Physical fitness is the perfect ....

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  • How do we get more of us off the couch?? Maybe start with why we're there in the first place!

    For most of our population, our approach to health is far greater an issue than the silver bullet approach we attempt to take. I was at a conference early in my career and an Endocrinologist now working in public health said the Australian issue by the numbers: 30% of us are actively engaged in improving the quality of our lives through healthy behaviours - eating vegetables most days, exercising regularly, being aware of what we need to do and doing it. 30% of us know we should do something but aren't for some reason. Others call them excuses, or they may be life circumstances. There is no education or ignorance issue here, probably more execution or environmental issue. 40% of us are ....

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  • Self Compassion

    Access to or development of the skill? That is the question. Working in health and coaching for more than a decade now, I'll often ask myself a question as to whether the person in front of me sharing their struggles has an issue with access or skill development. The most simple example is a gentleman I work with, let's call him Mr Workaholic, who is putting his life together after a breakup and using fitness and nutrition as the building blocks. This gentleman doesn't have many cooking skills, and we need to develop those skills. While others may not have the time, opportunity or energy to access such skills, it's a conversation about energy management and time boxing or stepping into ....

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  • What is abdominal separation, and can it be fixed?

    What is Diastasis Recti and can it be fixed?? As a professional in the women's fitness space, pre and post-pregnancy is something I have spent a lot of time studying, and it's amazing how little information we are given as a mother after the birth of our babies and also how to look after ourselves safely moving forward! EVERY pregnancy will experience some form of abdominal separation to allow space for the healthy baby to grow!! The degree of separation varies dramatically between women and what you do during and post-pregnancy will determine the outcome. Most women will find that by their 6-week checkup postpartum, they have returned to approximately 1-2 cm separation, others ....

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  • I'm Sean Cornish and this is my why

    I'm Sean Cornish and this is my why... I used to clap. I was so overweight as a kid I would jump, and when I landed, the fat on my chest would come down shortly after and clap against the rest of my body. Fact is, I've always loved food. I wanted to be a chef as a child and watched anything to do with cooking on TV. In the Cornish family, we'd gather and appreciate the food served, and I always loved that I was a good eater as a kid. Then the teen years arrived, and with hormones taking over, I quickly wanted change. When you're in a larger body, you imagine that in a thinner frame, life must be magically perfect. Everything that you see wrong in your life you view through a lens of ....

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  • You don't know how good you can be!

    You don't know how good you can be! We are quick to rule things out or evaluate based on a half baked first attempt declaring I'm not a (insert judgement here). good parent, good partner, good at tech stuff, musician, public speaker, You name it, we conclude it, and all that does is shut the door on a possibility that may be available to you on the other side of some self-compassion. You read all the books, Brene's daring greatly, Dweck's growth mindset even try some Ant Middleton 'first man in' but yet at that first attempt you cut yourself off at the knees. One of my first mentors I sought out after hearing him lecture, in the middle of his 40 minutes, posing the question: 'imagine a ....

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  • Workout sessions

    What a minefield! Where do you start? HIIT? Resistance? Flexibility? Strength and conditioning? Running? Swimming? Core work? Boxing? Pilates? Weights? Callisthenics? the list goes on... Over the lockdown period, we've put together over 60 free 20-30 minute sessions from core exercises, stretching, pilates, boxing, resistance training it's all there. It doesn't replace a personal trainer but is a great sample of what you could achieve with 2 arms, 2 legs and very minimal equipment. For ladies concerned about their pelvic floor, if you type in pelvic floor safe into the search bar there are a number of pelvic floor safe sessions available. Ultimately it's about getting started, so much ....

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