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Restrictive diets painted as new ways of life are front and centre in the world of nutrition at the moment. Whether it’s the latest health kick, a moral decision or a state of confusion in what to eat, what often plays out is a significant restriction to the point of bingeing. I’m currently preparing a presentation around healthy eating given over some wraps at lunch. A lot of questions I receive centre around the ‘what’ to eat and fair enough. However, once we establish the ‘what’, it’s essential to consider the ‘how much’ and ‘why’. Now the Oompa Loompa example is a dramatic one but let’s look at carrots as an example. Carrots are full of beta carotene, great for healthy skin and involved in the function of the eye, everything you’ve read as little kids is correct. However, once they get the Dietitian tick, the context of their consumption goes out the window. Almost like a bullet train carrots are back on the menu in a big way. I remember working with a Doctor we discovered would be assisted by a little more beta carotene in his diet; he had a slight deficiency. We included carrots in his daily diet. Being the over-achiever that he was and holding onto the belief that ‘carrots are what I need’, he had eaten sooooooooo many, his beta carotene levels went through the roof. Three months later, his skin was turning orange; he was halfway between a bad fake tan and an Oompa Loompa. While I’ve taken a bit of artistic license here, it’s a fair dinkum condition called Carotenemia.

Orange is the new black though right??

A checking system: The point I’m trying to get across is, you’re in charge. The tick of approval or fad approach to the next ‘superfood’ should always get the loved one test. Would I recommend this amount to a mother/ daughter/ son? If you’re thinking to yourself: “I probably wouldn’t serve this amount of (insert promoted item here) to a friend or loved one”; then maybe give the 16th carrot for the day a miss :). Thanks for reading. Sean

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