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It’s the end of another long day. You’re on the way to the gym and your eyes are heavy. You think to yourself, “A 30-minute power nap would probably benefit me more than this,” but you drag yourself there anyway because after all, you’re paying for it. It’s an extra 30 minutes of travel (which is on a good day) just to get to and from the gym, but you tell yourself this is what everyone has to do right? You finally find a car park and walk in, the last thing on your mind is engaging in fake pleasantries with the desk person. You get into the change room and the floor is wet with water and sweat, the air thick with other people’s smell, and to top it off, there is nakedness you didn’t really feel like seeing less than 30 centimetres away from you.

You exit the biosphere that is the gym change room at a walk sprint. Patience is now at an all-time low. To your complete lack of surprise, all the machines you need are being used. So, you wait…more time out of your day that you don’t have.

We’ve all been there. We all know what that feeling is like and yet we push through it, telling ourselves that this is just what we have to do when it comes to ticking off the exercise box for the day. I can tell you one thing for sure friends, it most certainly doesn’t need to be this hard, nor should it. Exercise or moving should be easy, accessible and (god forbid) fun! If it is, it will become as much a part of your day and your routine as brushing your teeth.

When something becomes routine, and I mean truly routine, it doesn’t require effort or mountains of mental preparation to get through. Along with that, it also is then guaranteed to be done for the REST OF YOUR LIFE. Imagine that, no more 12 week challenges and diets. Why? Because you do it already.

So how and what am I talking about? Well as an example – did you know that exercising in nature has benefits that go above and beyond the benefits you gain by exercising indoors?

Research has shown improvements in mental well-being, self-esteem, depression and even our immune system.

Personally, I’ve found that when I run outside, I experience a completely different level of stress relief opposed to running on a treadmill.

So how does one transition from the safe routine and system that is the world of gyms? Well, you could do it by yourself, but unless you’re an exercise professional, chances are you’ll struggle initially and miss the ease of floating from machine to machine or class to class in the gym. Some of the best results I’ve achieved are in the garages or home gym environments of friends. Not only are they free and close to home, but you get the social benefits as well. You’ll also train with more intensity when required because friends motivate each other in a way that we struggle to individually.

“What we try to create is an environment that is supportive and makes exercise and movement something that doesn’t need to be associated with going to the gym. Yes we’ve got all the equipment needed, whether it’s for strength and conditioning or pre and post natal exercise and fitness, but it’s done in a supportive and personal environment that you would experience if one of your mates was a personal trainer with a gym under their house.” – Amy, Your Fit.

Your Fit offer a range of nutritional and fitness programs, information and training. With the combination of a variety of qualifications and experience, the combination of Sean and Amy’s backgrounds means all the possible bases are covered. On top of that you walk into their home and train, just as you would a friend of yours.

“These types of personal environments are so much more beneficial in terms of consistency and results. Number one, you stop associating exercise with only negative emotions, meaning you don’t need to motivate yourself for every rep, we’re here for that, you just turn up. And two, everything we give you is able to be taken home with you and made part of your daily routine. Whether it’s an exercise program or nutritional advice, we’re here for the long term and personalise your program to make sure that happens. Whether it’s implementing something that will last for the rest of your life, or helping you train for a specific event, the environment you walk into at Your Fit is personal, and that’s what we need as human beings. Real relationships to succeed,” says Amy.

In the long term, if we want to truly make exercise part of our everyday lives, it shouldn’t cost anything emotionally. It should be a positive experience and sometimes you just need someone to show you that path.

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, give us a call!

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