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So here is the thing, I’ve spent the best part of my adult life studying nutrition and exercise, and I can honestly say while I have loved it, it runs a distant second to when I get to eat! I mean I’ve heard the saying foodie before and am often asked if I am, the truth is I jut I love eating! I think about breakfast before I go to sleep at night and after breakfast, I’m thinking of my next meal or even a cheeky coffee.

There isn’t much I don’t like or won’t try, travelling is more about tasting than it is seeing for me and the phrase food envy summarises most dining out experiences of mine. There was a game-changer for my health and my dining experience which what I like to call the “satisfied versus full” battle. A secret weapon in this battle is our little mate fibre who allows us to have our carbs and eat them too! Satisfied is that point where you have eaten till your content. You’ve taken some time to eat your meal, physiologically we have filled our stomach, and the stretch receptors have enough time to tell our brains we are satisfied.

Full is where the stomach is at capacity – the red no vacancy sign is glowing across your stomach, and you’re regretting the last ten mouthfuls of whatever deliciousness you’ve just devoured.

Here is the deal though, the average human stomach can hold about 1L and can swell up to 3L with a bit of effort. A pretty useful survival mechanism when our ancestors were hunting and moving but with our mate Kelvinator now apart of all of our villages, we don’t need that ability any more.

So what is the trick, veggies! I know you just sighed, I suckered you in with sweet talk about eating to contentment and thoughts of food even threw in a line about Kelvinator, and now I’m just another Dietitian promoting veggies. Yeah, you’re right I am…but for a different reason.

You see using spices and herbs; most veggies come up a treat, there the basis of close to 50% of most plates recommended AND THEIR FILLING!

I’m in a real pumpkin craze at the moment. I won’t bore you with the micronutrient profile and spruik its benefits, but with some olive oil drizzled and cinnamon, it makes a seriously healthy backbone of any lunch or dinner. Fibre in the form of veggies is hard work for our digestive system to work through. That work is what keeps us satisfied for longer and does a lot of good work in diversifying our gut microbiome. There is a catch though; chips don’t count as vegetables…make sure the kids know that! Don’t forget your mate fibre, clearly define in your head satisfied versus full and take time when you eat, allow your brain to recognise satisfaction!

Say hi to your Green Grocer for me.


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