• Personal Training

    Tailored exercise programs and instruction to ensure you hit your goals. A mixture of cardiovascular and strength training in the privacy of our studio. Programs can be designed to the specific time period 30, 45 or 60 minutes.

  • Dietitian

    Individualised Dietary Advice to cater for weight loss, toning up, strength gains and rehabilitation. Any specific intolerances or allergies can also be assisted with.

  • Group Fitness

    Pre-arranged group sessions that anyone and everyone is welcome to, designed to make sure you smile through your sweat, we don’t blow whistles or yell at you, we prefer to encourage and have fun as we work toward your fitness goals together.

  • Weight Loss

    Individualised packages that have tailored dietary advise from a Dietitian, exercise programs to ensure the energy out side of the weight loss equation is working in your favour and best of all you get a huge shot of confidence as you do!

  • Pre and Post Natal

    Pilates help build flexibility, muscle strength, and endurance. It puts emphasis on alignment, breathing, and developing a strong core.

  • Strength and Conditioning

    Qualified as a Strength Coach and Dietitian, tailored advice specific to a sporting event, training programs as well as dietary advice.

“I have been training with Amy for about 4yrs & I can honestly say she is the BEST trainer I have ever had. She knows exactly how to train a woman's body & she gets results! She always sets new challenges & is quick to fix my technique, while explaining why & how my body should feel & react, which allows me to get the best out of each session. In addition to that, Amy is a wonderful, caring & positive person that gets along with all personalities suiting each individuals needs & strengths.

If you haven't joined already... DO IT NOW!!!"

Karlie Hines - Asset Support Co-ordinator Queensland Transport