It’s not my fault

Ok, honest answer to an honest question, do you want to change or do you want someone else to blame? The next question whatever the answer is why?

This is a tough one to answer for a lot of people, you see if you are constantly chasing the silver bullet, the quick fix to your health problems then the answer will more than likely be ‘blame’. Really deeply truly, it’s someone else to push the fault onto. This is very different to genuinely asking for help and committing to your own action. With this genuineness there can be amazing support provided, if its chapter 43 in the blame game of thrones (see what I did there, GOT reference) then only the individual’s health will suffer in the long term. The reality is that in health you will always have someone else to blame, I should preface this with preventative health, anyone with a diagnosis that they are managing this sits to the side of this argument however for that person desperate to look good for the wedding, that wants to shred for summer or the individual that is trying the fat blaster pill, the answer will never lie in the single supplement or the single trainer and as trainers they should not market themselves as such.

The ultimate answer is responsibility, blame has ourselves centred in the past, angry, frustrated and bitter about circumstances that we are without the ability to change. If we can accept whatever has been, get on board with the change we have so desperately wanted then we have the power in the moment and all our energy can flow in that direction. Let’s be honest those regrets or negative thoughts of others we will have again, we are human beings but the path toward your own health is not in putting down or carrying the bitterness around with you, it is in employing the right members of your team to navigate the bus that you’re driving. Until you jump in the driver’s seat; until you take responsibility for the implementation and daily habits then and only then are we headed toward your 10 out of 10, your health, your opportunity, your responsibility, your life!

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Just over three years ago my life changed, I started training with Sean! I was unfit, weighed over 100 kilos and hadn't exercised in years. Initially I had three goals I wanted to achieve - I wanted to lose 14 kilos, to be fit at 40 (I’d just turned 39) and I wanted the "bicep vein". I honestly thought 14 kilos was never going to happen, too hard, but with an ever-changing exercise routine (you definitely don't get bored) and some positive changes to my diet I achieved it in only four months and just in time for Christmas! Fast forward another couple of years and I’ve now lost a total of 26 kilos, am fitter than I have been since my early 20’s and I can see the bicep vein! More importantly Sean and Amy have helped me make positive lifestyle changes that will stay with me for life. I never thought I would like exercising, never thought I would be under 100 kilos let alone 77, and never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would love boxing! Sean is an awesome trainer, a top bloke and I wouldn’t be this fit in my 40's without his amazing support.
Damian Brunow