Whats your connection with food like….Thanks Nan

I have been a very fortunate young man that until recently still was lucky enough to have all 4 grandparents with me. Unfortunately I recently lost my grandmother and in penning my thoughts down about Nan I realised the impact Nan had on my own relationship with food. You see my Nan loved to treat us kids (as most Nan’s should) and whenever we would go to Nan’s, dinner would be followed by a choc-wedge. Probably one of my youngest childhood memories is biting into that chocolate topping and having melting white ice cream drip down my fingers and then having my mouth and hands wiped clean. Its so vivid and I still remember where Nan kept them, the colour of the box, the richule of being given one and then the ripping open of the paper and sound of the chocolate crackling and then chewing of that paddle pop stick until there was literally no flavour left.

The concept of a relationship with food is a foreign one for a lot of people an until I studied I had never given it a second thought. The idea that food is fuel can be as simple as it gets for some people and there have definitely been times in my life where that has been the case. I suppose as a parent now I’m also mindful that there is a little person that is developing their own identity and along with that her relationship with food and its important that I set a decent example. That means that we don’t need to eat vegetables every meal or obsess about every last calorie but make sure we are eating as a family at the dinner table as regularly as possible or preparing from our kitchen as many meals as we can.

Its an individual thing and a decision for every household to make but one worth thinking about. I suppose in promoting the health benefits of those foods typically deemed healthy I wanted to reassure everyone that its normal for you and your family to occasionally indulge. The choc wedge at Nan’s house is one of my favourite memories and one I’ll have forever. Like I had said on previous posts though, its about amount and frequency, that was treat when we vistied Nan once a fortnight or month, not a regular event after every meal. It was the exception not the rule!

No three hats this one, just a thanks to my Nan Dobson.

Say hi to your Nan for me.


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