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Hi there, I love working with people, I love food and I love planning and the three combine really well in my chosen profession as a Dietitian. I see people on an individual basis tailoring meal plans or specific strategies to their needs based on best available evidence and actually listening to them. We also package dietary and exercise services to provide a complete solution to people looking to try and find their fit. Please check out some of my thoughts in the blogs to the right, the nutrition section is more specific to food and some common trends I see among people I’m assisting.

The ‘Fitness’ section relates to my experiences within the fitness industry and as a strength coach while the ‘Healthy Dad’ section are more personal thoughts of mine on family and maternal health as well as the most important of all our little tackers health. Anyway I hope you enjoy reading and look forward to hopefully it helps you in some way.

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“I have been training with Amy for about 4yrs & I can honestly say she is the BEST trainer I have ever had. She knows exactly how to train a woman's body & she gets results! She always sets new challenges & is quick to fix my technique, while explaining why & how my body should feel & react, which allows me to get the best out of each session. In addition to that, Amy is a wonderful, caring & positive person that gets along with all personalities suiting each individuals needs & strengths.

If you haven't joined already... DO IT NOW!!!"

Karlie Hines - Asset Support Co-ordinator Queensland Transport