HAND the IRON over…

Ok so now I have your attention…I’m talking about the mineral not the household choir, if you must know I do all the ironing in our house…helps being trainers and not needing to do it daily.

So whats the go why am I making this point…truth is most health conscious women, mums and some of the ladies I train are at significant risk of Iron deficiency and therefore so are their little tackers. You see when we’re born our mother passes on about 6 months worth of iron stores, from that moment on we as humans need to eat iron in order to maintain our body stores. Why is it so important…well if I can put this spin on it, Iron is the UBER that Oxygen needs to get to our muscles. Basically without the UBER, our body’s tissues don’t get the oxygen its needs to produce energy and maintain important biological pathways. Common side effects are excessive fatigue or a burning sensation when exercising, but tell me out of all your friends who isn’t tired…right not many and who has heard the saying feel the burn when exercising! Quite often these go undiagnosed. Here is the really unique part about iron though, our body doesn’t have another place to store the thing other than the blood. This is why women of child bearing age that are experiencing losses on a cycle of 28 days are our iron priority and that little tacker that is transitioning from formula or breast milk to solids is always recommended iron fortified cereals as starters, their stores are starting to deplete and they need more for their busy little bodies growth and development.

So basically to order an uber for the ladies and little ones in your life its recommended lean red meat be on the menu 2-3 times per week as thats the best absorbed source.

Eggs and fish are a good source also and there are some vegetarian sources like spinach and legumes but these do need to be consumed in significant quantities. For clients of mine that are vegan or vegetarian I recommend a regular blood test with their GP and an often supplementation as an alternate.

Dad: Watch out for excessive fatigue symptoms or any complaints of burning sensations while exercising.

Husband: Keep a close eye on how your partner is faring, if you notice bags under her eyes or that she is particularly run down, might be worth suggesting a visit to your GP and regular blood tests for women of child baring age would be recommended.

Dietitian: Do your best to keep lean sources of red meat, fish, eggs and legumes on the dinner table. I respect all individuals choice whether they be vegan or vegetarian but iron is definitely a consideration and something to monitor if these are the choices of the individual and as the husband in me suggests, involving your GP in this decision is essential.

Say hi to your GP for me.


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Just over three years ago my life changed, I started training with Sean! I was unfit, weighed over 100 kilos and hadn't exercised in years. Initially I had three goals I wanted to achieve - I wanted to lose 14 kilos, to be fit at 40 (I’d just turned 39) and I wanted the "bicep vein". I honestly thought 14 kilos was never going to happen, too hard, but with an ever-changing exercise routine (you definitely don't get bored) and some positive changes to my diet I achieved it in only four months and just in time for Christmas! Fast forward another couple of years and I’ve now lost a total of 26 kilos, am fitter than I have been since my early 20’s and I can see the bicep vein! More importantly Sean and Amy have helped me make positive lifestyle changes that will stay with me for life. I never thought I would like exercising, never thought I would be under 100 kilos let alone 77, and never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would love boxing! Sean is an awesome trainer, a top bloke and I wouldn’t be this fit in my 40's without his amazing support.
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