Give your best mate all your beer!

Some really fascinating research is coming out around the excessive consumption of alcohol throughout pregnancy and your child’s health outcomes. Recently the ABC aired an in depth look into the effects (link below). There is still a lot of work to be done in the area however Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder exists as a direct result from its consumption throughout pregnancy. Certain studies in mice and anecdotal (after the fact observations) evidence recorded with humans have linked its excessive consumption with behavioural conditions, growth reduction and decreased intelligence levels. I want to stress here that this information while being alarming and should inform your future lifestyle choices throughout your current or future pregnancies, please do not let this stress you if you had one drink here or there. The Dietitians Association of Australia have no recommended safe level of consumption and so the elimination of alcohol from your diet is highly recommended throughout pregnancy. As a partner and father to be, this is great news for us, we’ve got a lift home for the next 9 months right??? WRONG!  In Australia, don’t under estimate just how socially isolating it can be if you’re not having a drink particularly if your trying to keep it a secret. Take one for the team and attempt to limit it yourself, reducing or eliminating your intake will be a real show of appreciation to your partner and really as blokes it does make us a bit hypocritical, “oh you can’t drink but I can”, make this an AHA (enlightening moment) rather than a HAHA (laughing at your partner moment). In my experience that decision while meaning there are a few less people in our lives now with certain attitudes and thoughts allowing me to realise a few things it definitely allowed my wife and I to become closer and really prepare for parenthood. Equally your little lady or man will be extremely grateful in the long run with nothing but greater positive health outcomes coming from ditching the fizz.

So take home messages for the first trimester/ the secret phase wearing the different hats:

Dad: Your son or daughter will be forever grateful at the lengths you went to, to ensure their health was paramount during their gestation. – isn’t that worth more than a drink? Watch the youtube clip on the NOFASD website below, it will change your mind.

Husband: Put your money where your mouth is, prepare for parenthood as a couple its only 9 months without a drink, in the scheme of a lifetime its really not a lot of time. If its good for the mother and child it is probably good for us as well.

Dietitian:  The cost vs benefit analysis really rules alcohol out for mothers to be. Don’t stress out if you’ve had a glass here or there but at the same time there is nothing but positive outcomes to come from eliminating it all together.

Say bye to that beer (for a little while) for me


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