How I get myself from the dog house to the good books…

Now I’m a foodie but the sort that loves to eat and enjoys experimenting in the kitchen however there is a massive disclaimer that I am no Jamie Oliver and my culinary talents are not of the highest order. What that does mean is that I am well qualified to provide you really simple meal ideas that will not only get you into the good books with mum to be but ensure your little man or lady receives a lovely nutrient boost.

The Big game player….breakfast, this is where you can make the biggest impact, after a decent break between dinner or supper overnight, breakfast can be the best way to get the good book runs on the board and some studies suggest absorption is at its highest after period of fasting (sleeping).

Eggs and Avo on Toast

Don’t worry about poaching or getting the fry pan out, beat two eggs with milk in a microwavable dish and pop it on high for 3-4 minutes. Bobs your uncle…Scrambled eggs! Pop those on top of two pieces of multigrain toast spread with thick avocado (1/4 to 1/3 of a halved avo). Eggs can be a tough one but just ensure there is no runny parts to the scramble which can sometimes make them a little dry but the avo will add that creamy mouth feel to the meal a raw egg can be a listeria risk which we want to avoid throughout pregnancy. If you would like to get a bit fancy pop some cherry tomatoes (halved) and sliced mushrooms into a fry pan with a touch of olive oil and let that cook away until the mushrooms have softened and tomatoes have blistered add this to the side of the meal and finish with a little balsamic vinegar or glaze and a squeeze of lemon. Don’t worry if you muck up the first couple, our failures are what lead to our greatest successes and if your house is like mine, dads are around to be laughed AT NOT WITH so embrace it and don’t let it deter you!

The avo serves as a great hit of good fats important for immune function as well as folate essential for optimal development of your son or daughter’s nervous system.

The bread (if store bought) will be also be fortified with folate as well as iodine essential for optimal brain development. It doubles as a great source of fibre, essential to slow the movement of the food through the digestive system.

Dad: Rest assured knowing you’ve provided a really decent hit of essential nutrients, providing your little mister or miss with the right start to their day of development.

Husband: tough to go wrong with avo on toast and you’ve got away with ‘cooking’ via the use of a toaster and microwave….brownie points!

Dietitian: Awesome start to the day, great sources of essential nutrients and a good hit of energy for the developing baby and mum. Speaking of energy the next blog will have a look at the different requirements of energy requirements and a couple of snack options to help meet at certain periods 1.4 times the amount required.

Say goodbye to the dog house for me.


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