SO….your having a baby…OMG, that’s amazing….but I don’t feel pregnant!

Firstly congratulations, its an amazing thing the miracle of birth, you’ll be flooded with waves of emotion but if you’re a first time father like I am there may also be a bit of disbelief. It’s a really unique position to be in, your wonderful news may be a surprise or planned but either way it’s a big deal and your partner is going through some huge changes already, hormonal, physical, emotional and a new human is in the works. Pregnancy is broken down into three main phases known as trimesters.

The first trimester I like to refer to as “the secret phase” you’ve got this beautiful news that you may choose to share with those very close to you or not, this is a personal choice however regardless of your desire to share there is some lifestyle changes that need to accompany this phase. These physiological changes (physiological basically means ‘happening inside the body’) are the start of a whole new life and key micronutrients are required to assist your baby develop. This “secret phase” can be a real challenge for expecting mothers with some mothers experiencing morning sickness and a new level of exhaustion. All this is very normal as a partner I would like to reinforce that take home message of SUPPORT. The truth is as a bloke we will never experience pregnancy and really we can’t empathise (tip for new players, don’t ever say “I know how you feel”) as we have never been there apart from a massive hangover the morning after the bombers won the flag in …. (Wait that never happened, probably never will) but the symptoms appear the same. These symptoms are experienced while still trying to hold down a job, be a decent partner themselves and also preparing themselves for the life ahead.  As a father to be, your little one is growing at fascinating rates key nutrients like folate and iron are often supplemented at the advice of many GP’s. This raises an interesting side point and I would recommend forming a really good team of health professionals around you, obviously advocating for dietitan’s they can provide some really good person specific advice and its now your role as a father to be advocating for your partner’s and child’s health.

Remember your partner is now growing your son or daughter and in the human body the growth of the child takes precedence over the mother’s bodily function so energy levels will be low at times and fatigue is often a symptom experienced.  Regular meals are essential and you as the father need to take the initiative on that, there has never been a more important time to take your families health seriously.

So what are the right foods? Well the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating (link below) provides a great starting to point. One thing worth noting and dietitians have been shouting this message for years, less processed foods more often with a focus fresh fruit and vegetables as well as cereals and wholegrains. If you’re eating from packets more often than you are fresh then there is definitely room for improvement. In terms of those specific micronutrient requirements, there are a few worth mentioning that can be quite confusing depending on what you read. I’ll go through those in my next post.

Thanks for reading, say hi to your mum to be for me.


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