Pre and Post Natal

Pilates help build flexibility, muscle strength, and endurance. It puts emphasis on alignment, breathing, and developing a strong core.

As a new mother myself I understand not only the importance of staying active during your pregnancy but also the recovery after birth and how your new life as a busy mum HAS TO include Your Health and well being. Your life has been flipped upside down and what you have previously done may no longer be achievable or safe to attempt. Together we can work out what that “achievable”is to balance not only your health but also your bubs. You are the example of what your baby will see, so why not be the best you can possibly be!

We work with mothers in a one on one or group setting for pre and post natal training. In a one on one setting specific programs are prepared for yourself and adapted to how you may feel on any given training day. Our current group sessions involving expecting or new mothers are all open to additional ladies joining them that are at the same point of the pre/post natal continuum, with programs designed for the specific needs at that point. Numbers are kept to three or four ladies to ensure appropriate levels of attention are provided to each participant. For new mothers of course that means bub is always welcome to attend as we want you to feel as comfortable as possible in the space.

"I woke up on my 40th Birthday & received a voucher to train with Sean off "House Rules". I desperately wanted to get fit, lose weight & be a good role model for my recently born son. With a hectic work schedule & family commitments, I could not find the time or motivation to achieve my goal. So I went to my first training session, concerned bout embarrassing myself, not being able to complete the exercises & dreading the GI Joe trainer barking at me. I was wrong on all counts. from the moment I arrived, it was like hanging out with a mate. Sean made me feel welcome & that together we would achieve OUR goals, and he wasn't there to punish me or make the time unenjoyable. I soon learn't that I was in control of what we did, and he was there to guide me in the correct & safe method. Now, I thrive at getting out of bed before the sun is up, in the freezing cold, even on days when I'm exhausted & think I can't be bothered. This is a couple that is passionate about helping others in a kind and generous way, with professional training techniques. If you are shopping for a trainer or want to change your health status, then Sean & Amy are worth talking to!"
Craig Dyer, Head of News Operations, Seven Network