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Your little lady or man is here…congratulations! This is more the husband in me speaking when I say this, thank you! Regardless of how your new addition to the family arrives, they’ve arrived and thank god it is you as the ladies in charge of that, I doubt whether me or the blokes Im mates with are tough enough for that! From a father’s perspective in Australia there are a number of things that happen pretty quickly, the ones I would like to shed a bit of light on is skin on skin, the first latching and a couple of injections.

In Australia most hospitals have a protocol insisting upon a child being provided skin to skin contact with its mother as quickly as possible. The world health organization even has a position statement insisting upon this as the health benefits have been extensively researched and proven. In a small percentage of child birth instances however this may not be able to achieve and I would like to state from the outset that guilt is an emotion best recognised and let go. Lets face it we can’t write a script to life and child birth is the start of that life, in an ideal world skin on skin would be achieved but if it isn’t it doesn’t make anyone a failure it just means your families little story starts with a different sort of chapter.

From a nutrition point of view your little tacker is solely reliant upon the breast or external feeding measures from now and your partner has a big responsibility in trying to breastfeed. As dietitian’s we are to encourage breastfeeding and the research does sing its praises however as a father, older brother, husband and person that has seen the stress that can come with not being able to breast feed I would like to encourage women to give it a go and consult a lactation specialist if experiencing difficulty before stopping altogether. I’m sure Amy won’t mind me sharing but we did, I read all the books, listened to everything my lecturers had said over the last 4 years and was so determined to be the best support but in the end it was really tough and I didn’t have the answers so we sought lactation help. We were fortunate enough to stop the pain Amy was experiencing and she was able to continue feeding.

Dad: Breastmilk is a beautiful mix of carbohydrate, protein, fat, immunity and comfort for your little one, be the pat on the back and the soothing shoulder to lean on.

Husband: Breastfeeding is one of the hardest things to get used to and issues will occur, get onto them asap and make sure your partner expresses when/ if she is able to allow you to assist with a few feeds where possible.

Dietitian: If you do have trouble feeding this is completely normal, utilise a lactation consultant and if required the use of formula as top ups or replacement is understandable and should not be seen as a failure in anyway.

Say hi to your new little one for me.


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